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Happy people, do not play well幸福的人,不张扬

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Happy people, do not play well幸福的人,不张扬(译文)

A friend who met many years, recently seemed to have disappeared, QQ avatar was gray, WeChat chat record in a blank, friend circle update stopped six months ago, a few of my friends with her have said that for a long time without her news The.

So I could not help but call her to ask about the status quo, asked why she disappeared in the circle of friends, whether suffered a life dilemma. Who told the phone that there are feast and feast, and she told me, "I am very happy and have nothing to say."

Happiness to have nothing to say, this simple and flirtatious words, in fact, will be hidden in their own endless words. A person, in the end how to have a heavy and well-known happiness, from the original arbitrary publicity, bent on the pursuit of vigorous, become so begrily words, for fear of disturbing the inner peace and happiness?

I thought of this decade with her acquaintance.

At the age of twenty, she was like all beautiful young girls, lips fiery warm. She met her favorite boyfriend, and day and night with his friends talking about his good, talking about his gentle, so joy and eager, so that her eyes reveals a shining light.

Friends laugh at her love, like a mad heart, she was more like a moth to fire, rushed, until the last was hurt hurt, crying over the night

It is really wantonly happy years, happy will be dancing, their crazy rotation is not enough, but also pull up the companions around the jump; and sad is not hidden, you can burst into tears, whether it is day or night, And whether friends are free, it is necessary to find the comfort side willing to give up.

The whole world knows her love in the sub-sub-combination, she was like a warrior, all the way stumbled, but also all the way courageously singing.

Sometimes, happiness is publicity, the pain is the need to vent, but happiness is deep and silent.

I asked her three years old, how life, the so-called nothing to say happiness is what, she is intermittent scattered, talking about are some of the most unusual years of small things.

The happiness of her mouth is like that. She turned around, in the love of the road finally met a rush man, then sentimentally Xu, married with their children, the daughter was born, their family moved to the suburbs of the old house, living with their parents.

Happy people, do not play well happy people, do not play well

Every morning, the man drove for half an hour to work, she at home to raise vegetables and vegetables to cook, the child by the mother to take care of the evening lights lit, the whole family in the courtyard eating dinner, complained homemade, through the usual Quiet time.

There is no big event in the world, and happiness is silent. She does not feel that day is rich, because the child is still less than a year old, she can not go out to work, can only wait a few years patience. But she happens to feel that this is also very good, although she can not tell where good

Just feel calm heart, her husband mild, parents health, young son Jiaohan, everything can not tell the wishful. World pressure, and some of her at the slightest also, but always faintly feel that this time is very valuable.

Precious to, she did not dare to disturb this happiness, for fear of words and phrases of the leak, happiness will be stingy stealth away, from then difficult to have. She even felt that happiness, not for outsiders, because it is too ordinary.

She said, live to three years old to understand, happy is crazy, but happy people, never publicity. Because happiness is a tiny fire, is a personal feeling, even with people to share, others can not really empathy.

So, she stopped the update of the circle of friends, and rarely contact with friends, but Yunfengfeng light to enjoy this calm time, speechless, but the heart abundance.

The world of greed and indignation crazy doubt, each can make you addicted to crazy. However, happiness is not the same, the real happiness, it is calm, it is gratifying, it is not proud of the heart.

Because the happiness itself is determined, quiet, silent, it is the early spring of the late flower fragrance, is the summer sunset pastoral, is the autumn of the moon, is the winter of deep water, is the world of wind blowing Valley gully, swing back to the years of long reverberation, and clip carrying a peaceful atmosphere.

Happy people, do not play well happy people, do not play well

Hong Kong female writer Zhang Xiaoxian low-key, usually rarely interviewed by the media, even less in public places talk about their feelings, but some time when asked, she quietly said: "I have encountered that he, happiness has been Are in. "

In CCTV's "reader" program, she also mentioned his own love. She said that in the twenty years of time, that love the people, every time to eat fish, the fish will always eat the best part of the folder to her.

She wrote more than sixty books, each of which is related to love, writing the world of joy twists and turns, but their own happiness has always silent silence. Because for her, happiness is nothing more than a fish of ordinary, Ming India in the heart will be good, but without publicity.

Some precious and simple feeling, is the need to carefully save the heart, if vividly, will inevitably be the world of wind blowing or dry.

Can be said that the export of grievances, they can not be wronged, and can say that the export of happiness, will also be marked with a discount.

Because of the face of happiness in the deep water, you in addition to fear and treasure, will be distracted, those publicity of wanton, in front of happiness, significantly extraordinarily redundant.

Many people in your invisible place to appreciate the happiness. Although they rarely contact with people, in the circle of friends can not find their shadow, but all the time, they are enjoying life.

I like those young friends wanton, happy screaming, sad when crying, as the summer sun and heavy rain, it is permeable, indulge in singing.

But I prefer those happy and low-key friends, they have had a burning, seen dying, mind clear, simple nature, know how in the corner of life to appreciate the tiny ordinary happiness, no show off the heart, no publicity state, support Afford to suffer, but also enjoy the happiness.

The world's most profound happiness, probably is happy to have nothing to say it

Can be said to have nothing to say, in fact, also said, but that is to say to their own heart. Those words, their own listening, is understood, and then no disturbance of the heart.

This may be the best emotional state that people are pursuing for life. So quiet, sure, peace, once the coming, you only happy to experience it, no need to declare to the mouth, but no need to tell the world.


Because the silent person, the most affectionate, and happy people, do not publicity.























Happy people, do not play well幸福的人,不张扬

















 Happy people, do not play well幸福的人,不张扬





























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