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聪明的人,从不纠缠Clever man, never entangled

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聪明的人,从不纠缠Clever man, never entangled

聪明的人,从不纠缠 Clever man, never entangled

My assistant Linlin, these days looked very depressed.

I asked her what thoughts, she angrily and I said: "sister, overseas business department that the woman in the back of my bad words, mad at me, you say I want to find her to tear a?


I asked: "Have you recently been training, do you have a pass at the end of the exam? Did the PPT done to me?"


Lin Lin said with a hint: "No yet."


I went on to say: "She ah, in our company be the oldest female employees, and jobs have been unable to rise up, my heart grievances Tao Tao, to see who is not pleasing to the eye, she also in front of my face mulberry. Do not want to pay attention to this stubble child, we have a small goal, we should strive to move forward, and her entanglement, thanks to ah.


Linlin laughed: "Well, ah, understand that you are not let me care about these bad things right, I went to work.

In fact, these years, I met a lot of inexplicable slander, you did not provoke the man, he was behind you all slander.

At the beginning, I was angry, but later found that all such people, most of them live is not very smooth, but they are in this way, to block their own sense of powerlessness, to their own, find some heart balance.


If you and he torn, not only look embarrassed, but also a lot of energy and time wasted, which is what he hoped: anyway, I was so, you can not pull the move.


At this point, if you and his entanglement, you lose. Do not care, is the best contempt.

My neighbor, Z, is a middle-level manager of a real estate company, cut off two years ago when laying off. Ordinarily the old staff should not be in the list, it is estimated that Z offended which boss. Z angry work is not handover, jump foot cursed: "I must retaliate!


really. The big brother died around the company played two years of lawsuit, is said to have not yet settled. The company has a special legal department responsible for this matter, dragged on for a long time does not matter, most is to spend some money. And more than 40-year-old Z is not the same, and watched the golden age of life consumed in the unnecessary entanglement.


If he is only twenty years old, wasted two years, big deal come back again. But 40 years old is not the same, where affordable? Two years, for a nearly fifty years old in the workplace who fight what it means, it should be self-evident.

Compared to Z, my friend H is much clever.


H is a professional manager, three years ago was a company appointed general manager. How can the boss limit his power everywhere, so that his work can not be carried out. Barely support for six months, H is struggling to take the initiative to resign. Because it is his breach of contract, so only get a little reward.


I heard this after the thing, for his resentment, let him find a board to discuss a statement, or too loss. H said casually: "It does not matter, since the intention to leave, we should focus on the next stop, I do not and they are in this virtual time to throw it.


Soon, H went to a company as a general manager, all the way through the clutter, open up the soil, two years, the company's output and profits have doubled, and now, their company in the industry, has been ranked in the forefront of the country.


Occasionally, we chat in the WeChat, mention the original, asked him if there is no heart revenge ideas?

Haha laughed: "how can I have time to revenge, busy too busy to come! Free to the gym, not because the cause of the destruction of the body. Daughter-in-law have to accompany it, no longer busy and can not ignore the family. In the circle of friends did not see my travel photos, right?

Revenge, what an international joke, enjoy the time of life is not enough, pull those boring doing? "

Perhaps, everyone has had revenge in the heart of the grievances. Some because of the former, some because the former boss, some because of nonsensical people. When we are hurt, being deceived, being disappointed, the real meaning of these things, just to make us more clearly understand some of the things.


The process of entanglement will only exacerbate the loss.

Goddess Faye Wong always a love who looks like, let you make irresponsible remarks, she never said one. She ran herself frankly, even if the whole world said her gossip, she did not explain do not care, only sideways from a variety of fetters through, went to where they want to go.

Merry is not talking about the wind wins, the longest silent handsome.

So, for those malicious slander, silence is the best weapon, it is more powerful than the outbreak.


"Later Han Guo Tai Chuan" recorded the "broken buckle regardless of" the story: Guo Tai in Taiyuan, one day to see the way there is a person carrying a jar walk, walking, this jar suddenly fell to the ground , Crashing, scary. Who knows that pedestrians do not see, continue to go its way, just like nothing happened.

Guo Tai looked very strange to take the initiative to ask him: "Why is your jar crashed, do not see, abandoned, continue to walk?

The man replied, "Is it broken?"

Guo Tai feel this person to talk extraordinary, can afford to put down, is a Wizards, so advised him to school. The book records this person called Meng Min, the word uncle up. Meng Min school ten years later, the famous world.


Yes, life needs to look forward, as soon as possible from the bad emotions freed. If the energy and time spent on the useless things, that there are many concerns, used to enhance themselves?


Clever man, never entangled. Let yourself live more exciting, is the most wisdom of the practice.


When you become the best of their own, all the wind and water from the time, will bearish a lot of things, even if the year you cried people, will meet a smile.











聪明的人,从不纠缠Clever man, never entangled





























聪明的人,从不纠缠Clever man, never entangled













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